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International Patients

Healthcare that transcends borders

Harshitha Hospitals is one of South Asia's most trusted international healthcare centres. We offer exceptional healthcare services at unmatched quality and highly affordable costs.


Catering to overseas patients is one of our most important operational foci, and our highly experienced team helps guide patients through every step of the way, from paperwork to bureaucracy and treatment.



Medical visa


Treatment Plan

Insurance & billing

Our staff are experts in the fulfilment of all processes involved in international patient care. We handle all bureaucracies from travel planning and medical visa application, to securing patient and caretakers' accommodation, arranging meal plans, and all medical appointments until the patient's final procedures. 

We follow-up with all our patients' needs, post-treatment reviews, and post-operative care even after their return home.

No. 1 International Coronary Disease Treatment Center

Several Southeast Asian countries are seeing a high incidence in coronary disease, but treatments are complicated by highly expensive procedures in some places, and a lack of infrastructure in others. 

Harshitha Hospitals is the go-to healthcare center for such patients, offering incredibly affordable surgical procedures, as well as world-class specialists and medical infrastructure.

Cardiothoracic Surgery-92.jpg

Convenient Connectivity

Madurai International Airport offers convenient connectivity for overseas patients, with direct daily flights from Dubai, Singapore, and two direct daily flights from Sri Lanka. 

Harshitha Hospitals is located simply 8 minutes (4.9 km) away from Madurai International Airport, complemented by an array of comfortable hotels in the area, making travel and accommodation seamless for patients.


Madurai International Airport, 4.9 km from Harshitha Hospitals

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