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Patient Amenities

We aim to please every patient and caretaker that chooses to seek our care. In accord with our high-quality medical services, our in-patient amenities and experience are equally excellent. Our in-patient rooms provide a soothing and comfortable experience for both patients and their caretakers, ensuring an environment that enables healing and warmth.


In order to complement a comfortable stay, we are proud to boast of a "Therapeutic Kitchen" that curates customized meal plans for patients in correspondence with their dietary requirements, with the input of a special dietitian. Our cafeteria welcomes all patients and attenders, and ensures their satisfaction through our delicious menus. 

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In-patient Rooms

Our private patient rooms are spacious rooms with ample ventilation, light, and all the facilities one might require. The features of our rooms include:

  • Air conditioning

  • Television

  • Bathrooms

  • Space for visitors

  • Bed for caretakers/attendant

World-class ICUs

Our Intensive Care Units are fitted with the most advanced equipment, all essential facilities, and 24x7 staff to keep an eye on your loved ones. We also have a separate Cardiothoracic Surgery ICU for patients to recover from surgeries, as well as physiotherapists to aid in post-operative recovery.

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Pharmacy Services

Our own in-house pharmacy makes every medical requirement seamless for every patient who visits us. Located right next to patient registration and our reception, it makes the billing process easy for both in-patients and daycare patients.

Vending Machines

In addition to our Therapeutic Kitchen and Cafeteria, we offer snacks and healthy quick bites through two electronic vending machines, located next to our reception desk and canteen.

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