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International Patients

Patient Guide

At Harshitha Hospitals, we aim to provide the best possible medical care to our overseas patients, while creating an environment that emulates the warmth and care of your own home—helping you heal peacefully and easily.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of our international patients' registration and treatment flow.


Step 1

Enquiry and Initiation

Upon enquiry with Harshitha Hospitals, we will help initiate your journey with our International Patients Coordinator, who will connect you to the respective surgeon/specialist/medical professional.

In case the patient is referred by a physician, a letter from the referring physician may be submitted.

Step 2

Patient History

Submission of all medical files related to the patient's history, such as test reports, prescriptions, diagnostic reports and images, as well as any other medical records of relevance.

Step 3

Medical Visas

International patients and their accompanying entourage require a medical visa. We will provide the patient/their attending family members with a Letter of Necessity to support the application for a medical visa to visit India. Our staff will also provide all assistance with the paperwork that required to complete the process of applying for a visa.

Step 4

Travel & Accommodation

If any travel or accommodation assistance is required, our concierge will be able to provide complete guidance.

Step 5

Treatment Plan

Upon fulfilment of all bureaucratic processes and accommodation, our staff will help connect you to your respective physician/surgeon/specialist, and will initiate your treatment plan.

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