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Harshitha Hospital is geared up to embrace the dramatic developments in the field of medical oncology over the past decade. Our prime aim is always focused on providing the best care & cure. With major advances in drug development, we endeavour to turn the most incurable cancer into a chronic disease, with prolonged remissions and fewer side effects. Our strategy to use Traditional Medicine & Modern medicine combining chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy is always aimed towards maximizing results and minimizing side effects.

The Clinical & Surgical Oncology team is always in the quest to be the expert in the field of Oncology & Surgical Oncology, always keeping abreast of the recent developments across the globe.

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The hospital is sourced with the latest state of the art technologies and our experts use the latest technologies to treat ALL types of cancers to provide patients with the best possible results. The modalities of the cancer treatment offered here include medical oncology, surgical oncology and radiation oncology.

Teletherapy is the commonest form of radiation treatment. A very high energy machine is used to generate different spectrum of radiation that are directed to the tumour from a distance. The machine would not touch the tumour. We have a highly sophisticated teletherapy machine in our department. Bhabhatron MLC machine which is an extremely powerful, top the line, computer controlled, ultraprecise one to deliver the radiation therapy to the patient in an accurate, precise and extremely safe manner.

The surgical oncology department is fully equipped with all the latest technologies to perform surgeries like, Head and neck resections, Breast surgeries (Radical and conservative), Gastrointestinal surgeries in a minimally invasive manner using laparoscopy techniques, uro-gynaecological surgeries and supportive oncology surgeries like venous access, chemoport placement, FNAC and Biopsies to support diagnosis. The centre also has a day care facility to treat outpatients.

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