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We are fully equipped with efficient doctors to diagnose simple as well as complicated lung diseases on both inpatient and outpatient basis. The Pulmonology Department is led by expert doctors who specialize in far more than meets the eye — from treating usual cases of tuberculosis, pleural effusions and pneumothorax, to the treatment and prevention of sleep apnea and apnea-related metabolic disorders. 

We also focus on Pulmonary Function Testing, treatment of post-COVID fibrosis and thrombotic issues, and provide full support for mild to severe COVID cases. Supported by technologies such as CPAP machines for patients with OSA, to fiber-optic video bronchoscopes for diagnosis, Harshitha Hospitals' Pulmonology department is a pinnacle of healthcare.

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Our services include treating following Respiratory diseases:

1)  COPD

2)  Tuberculosis

3)  Bronchial Asthma

4)  Lung carcinoma

5)  Interstitial lung disease

6)  Acute & Chronic lung infections

7)  Cystic Fibrosis

8)  Occupational Lung diseases

9)  Pulmonary Embolism

10)  Sleep apnoea

11)  Pleural diseases

Key Features

1)  Non invasive ventilators (Bipap machines)

2)  Flexible Bronchoscopy

         i) Diagnostic

        ii) Therapeutic

3)  Pulmonary rehabilitation

4)  Home oxygen and specialized respiratory equipments

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