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Trauma & Emergency Medicine

Tending to all Emergencies

As our hospital is located on the highway, Trauma care has become our responsibility to provide a helping hand & treat extreme cases where immediate survival is a problem. Our highly specialized medical & paramedical staffs are well trained in treating traumatic injuries and use sophisticated equipment to increase the likelihood of survival in the patient received at the Emergency room.

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Our Emergency Teams have advanced training in procedures of a critical and invasive nature to ensure no compromise has been made, as their skill & care can make the difference between life and death to the patient brought to ER.

Patients who arrive at the emergency room often require multi-disciplinary, comprehensive emergency medical services - therefore, strict triage guidelines & protocols are followed to swiftly identify the impact of the trauma & provide the precise aid & treatment.

Ambulances with Advance Life Support

Capable of catering to all medical emergencies, our Advance Life Support ambulances are fully equipped to handle patients needing life support. With a Portable Ventilator, Oxygen supply, ECG machine, Defibrillator, intravenous and blood draw tools, etc.

The ALS ambulance is staffed with highly skilled paramedics who are capable of handling all kinds of medical emergencies.


Harshitha Hospitals is open 24x7 and we are experts in Emergency Care & Trauma management. Emergency Care requires no admission. X-Ray, MRI, CT Scans and Ultrasound are some of our services available for emergencies, and we are also staffed with Cardiology professionals for cardiac emergencies. 

You need only call our emergency numbers +91 4522 551 000 / +91 822 00 15729, or walk in any time of day or night.

Ambulance Facilities

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