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Diabetic Care and Prediction

India is often termed the diabetes capital of the world. A large percentage of Tamil Nadu's population is predisposed to a body that refuses to digest sugar. This is a medical condition that requires utmost care and concern.

Harshitha Hospitals offer tailor-made diabetic care and facilities for the management of its related complications, as well as diagnostic tools for predicting pre-diabetes.

At Harshitha Hospitals, we offer tertiary care and surgical treatment for diabetes related complication, such as renal failure (kidney failure), foot ulcers, heart disease, retinopathy (eye problems) and more.

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Timely Assessment and Treatment

Timely Assessment and Treatment

We are responsible for daily outpatient, in-patient, and interdepartmental consultations of diabetic patients with a special focus on pre and post-surgical hyperglycemia management. We specialize in the timely assessment of Renal functions, Ophthalmology, Cardiac and Neurological, Peripheral Vascular, and Dermatological assessment for diabetic complications.

Lifestyle Modification for Diabetic Patients

Our doctors are experts in the effective management of diabetes and its complications. We help patients by creating a diet regime that works in their favour (with a focus on proteinaceous and fibre-oriented foods), prescribing an ideal exercise plan, and making the necessary lifestyle changes to keep their diabetes under  control. Most of our patients do so well with our management plans that several of them do not require insulin injections anymore.

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