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Paediatric Experts

We offer our services on outpatient and inpatient basis, which includes immunization services, intensive care and a neonatal unit. We not only focus on treatment of diseases but also on promotion of overall health of children and prevention of diseases, especially nutritional diseases and infectious. Intensive care unit also provides care to post operative surgical patients as well as patients suffering from trauma including head injury. We are also a leading paediatric cardiothoracic surgery centre.

All operative deliveries and difficult labour cases have the presence of a paediatric doctor at the time of delivery.

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Services offered:

     i) Outpatient services.

     ii) Immunisation services.

    iii) Neonatal services.

    iv) Neonatal resuscitation in LR and OT.

     v) Neonatal ventilation.

    vi) Phototheraphy.

    vii) Neonatal thyroid screening.

   viii) Renal angiogram.

     ix) Neonatal follow up through OPD.

     x) Paediatric inpatient services.

     xi) Ward services.

    xii) Availability of Paediatrician on call.

    xiii) Paediatric surgery(Paediatric Surgeon on call).

    xiv) Chemotherapy for paediatric cancer patients.

     xv) GI endoscopy for children.

    xvi) Asthma treatment.

    xvii) All common invasive procedures like bonemarrow aspiration, thoracocentesis, Lumbar puncture, Liver biopsy etc.

   xviii) Blood transfusion.

Intensive care:

  1)  Paediatric ventilators.

  2)  Paediatric monitoring facilities.

  3)  Facilities for CVP line.

  4)  Peritoneal dialysis.

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