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The Department of Cardiology at Harshitha Hospital is one of the best private heart facilities in Southern Tamil Nadu. It provides patients with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the management of cardiovascular diseases. The department is composed of Adult and Paediatric cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, radiologists and pathologists, ably supported by nurses, physical and rehabilitation therapists and medical technicians. Together, they form the top expert group in their respective fields in the region. Harshitha Hospitals has been meticulous in choosing the latest and most innovative technologies to complement the know-how and skills of its cardiovascular medical team. These include the GE Cath Lab system for cardiovascular imaging.

The Cardiology team has had an excellent track record of cardiovascular intervention since inception, significantly reducing the door-to-balloon time for acute coronary syndrome patients. The Cardiology department also functions as a one-stop centre for all paediatric and congenital heart patients.

With a sterling record in heart care, the Cardiology team delivers total quality management for the accurate diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disorders.

Pictured: Our Cardiologists performing an angiogram at our state-of-the-art CATH lab.


Racing against the clock

We are leaders in life-saving emergency cardiac management, owing to our team of qualified and trained post-graduate Cardiology physicians on call 24x7. Their expertise in prepping emergency patients with acute myocardial infarctions for procedures in less than 30 minutes* has enabled us to emerge as one of South India’s most proficient emergency cardiac care centres.

* The threshold safety duration for these emergencies is typically 60 minutes


Over the past year, we have had



in all bypass and angioplasty procedures performed.


We are also proud to support an academic wing that caters to cardiac emergency & trauma management, a faculty that nurtures the next generation of Cardiology experts.

One of Harshitha Hospitals’ core values is to put patient care before profit—hence, any patient who visits us with an emergency is tended to first, and their billing is covered after mitigation of the emergency. Most of our procedures are priced very affordably, and we are one of the most cost-friendly cardiology centres in India. Our intention to be compassionate is unmatched and we hope to always stay true to our beliefs.

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